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A remote telemetry unit delivering a scalable solution reducing user operating and capital costs. Multiple site parameters are monitored, recorded and transmitted over cellular networks. The Cello features up to 8 channels with user programmable digital or analog inputs. Dedicated versions are available for pressure and flow recording. Smart features include built-in water temperature monitoring, tilt sensing, daily battery fuel gauging, and 100Hz pressure transient monitoring for pipeline condition assessment. All enabled channels can be configured with advanced alarm regimes.

The newest model of Cello operates on the latest LTE Cat M1/NB IoT technology with 2G fallback. 



Adding a Regulo to an existing PRV brings both intelligent pressure control and remote monitoring to your distribution network. Easily adapted to most PRVs, the Regulo modulates a fixed outlet pressure in relation to Time, Flow or through Closed Loop, based on real-time feedback from one or more Cello data loggers deployed in the network. Distribution pressure is optimized 24/7 to deliver a significant reduction in non-revenue water and burst frequency. Long term benefits include increased asset life, and reduced pumping and treatment costs.


UtiliCore builds on Technolog's excellence in data logging, remote data collection, and pressure management by complementing its cutting edge technology with a highly scalable and configurable web-based platform. suitable for installation on a local server, corporate intranet, or hosted by Technolog. UtiliCore provides access to historic data, graphs and reports, maps, alarms, and full configuration of data loggers and pressure controllers.

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